Procurement routes

Cafos offer a number of procurement routes open to an individual or organisation commissioning a construction or fit-out project. Depending on the type of project one may be more appropriate than another.


From our initial contact, we assess and analyse how a business operates and what it needs from a space to maximise efficiency and productivity. Space planning and design, project management and cost consultancy ensure that day-to-day operations are not hindered or affected from start to finish and our extensive knowledge of the interiors market means that we can acquire exactly the right product. Each element will be clearly explained with a detailed specification and costs are agreed in advance. Our project management team will ensure that every aspect is delivered to the highest quality, on time and on budget.

Cost Feasibility

From making initial contact we can utilise our commercial expertise to work alongside client in meeting their workspace or residential goals within the funding available and translating and demonstrating value for money.

Detail and Build

Our Detail and Build service caters for clients who have chosen to appoint an independent team of project managers, architects and mechanical consultants.

We will prepare a detailed tender for the project and, should we be selected, work closely with the team to deliver the project that they have planned.

Project Management

Our project managers and design team will provide everything you need, from a full set of construction drawings to a schedule and programme of the work from a single point of contact. They can also take care of everything from planning or building regulations and contract documents to health and safety and CDM regulations. We’ll meet with you as often as you wish during the work to update you on progress and keep you in the picture on everything from on-site health and safety to project costs. We’ll also monitor quality control through our site foremen, site managers and project managers. So when everything is completed, you can be sure your project will be handed over without any surprises.

Design and Build

Our Design and Build service is for clients looking for a bespoke, all-inclusive construction or fit-out solution.

Whether you are choosing to relocate or to refurbish your existing premises, we will work with you to design a fully-optimised space that will allow your business to operate to its maximum potential. We will cost and plan your project to fit your required budget and timescale, having as little impact on your operations as is possible. Once on site, we manage all construction works and sub-contractors to deliver a high-quality product.

As the main contractor, we’re committed to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety and client care. Throughout the Design and Build process and during any post-completion aftercare work, we will remain your only point of contact, making this a seamless, pain-free solution.