Office design

There are many considerations to make when you recognise the need for a new office, as the right space can be the difference between your business prospering and it failing. As a company with years of experience in office design and fit-out, we understand the potential benefits that a new office can bring.

Your office plays a vital role in the everyday workings of your business, affecting the performance of your staff, the ability to recruit and retain the best, and the perceptions of visiting clients or customers. An office that properly reflects the ethos of your business and creates the appropriate atmosphere can boost morale and loyalty, while the right layout can lead to greater collaboration and teamwork, increasing the productivity of your workforce.

We’re experienced at designing offices that balance inspirational and appealing surroundings with comfortable and functional features, and always work with our clients to meet their unique requirements. Our method is simple, we listen to your needs, assess the space available and create a bespoke solution that brings the two together.

Gleeson - office refit, seating area